Cheralyn Sorrell

Cheralyn thrives in helping businesses tackle any of their business challenges

Cheralyn believes that work-life should be a fun experience, so expect to smile while working with her

Cheralyn Sorrell joins us in 2019 as a Business Mentor and Coach to help you tackle any of your business challenges. 

For the past 10 years she has been a Business and IT Lecturer in tertiary education and has taught across several faculties up to and including degree level  on several business courses. She brings a breadth of valuable knowledge and experience to her role as a Business Coach. 

Before starting a career in teaching, she earned 10 years industry experience within the Electricity Supply Sector, including roles in Credit Control and Administration before taking a Management role within the Metering Data Services sector of the business – a challenging and exciting role, as there were no manuals or existing procedures – this was a new era in the electricity sector and not long after privatisation. It was very scary but very fulfilling! It was very much fly by the seat of your pants, but it worked, and she gained many great skills which she can share with you. It was during this role that she found a deep passion for coaching, mentoring and teaching and undertook the challenge of becoming a Business and IT teacher in Secondary and Tertiary education. 

Since then, she has made a career ambition to get involved in as many projects and roles as possible. She has worked with several sectors as a contractor and has spent time as a Business Mentor with Business Mentor NZ. Her drivers and motivations are helping people achieve their dreams, plans and Ideas – she lives by the motto ‘short term pain, long term gain’, which means that she knows that everything needs a bit of hard work upfront, but the pay off later is well worth it. Cheralyn believes that work-life should be a fun experience, so expect to smile while working with her.

Her other passions are spreadsheets (!) improving cashflow, employment relations, effective management and problem solving, managing change, plus many others. Give her a call to see if she can help you

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