Research tells us that all successful businesses start with great plans!

It’s never too late to take business planning action.

According to Dun & Bradstreet, the number one cause of business failure is lack of business planning. Business owners don’t choose to fail; rather, they choose not to plan which ultimately causes the business to fail.

At The Business Group our vision is to have every business (that wants to be) running smoothly, looking after it’s people and being highly profitable.

Look around your business and ask yourself -What is my plan to attract more customers? What is my plan to reduce debt servicing? What is my plan to grow my people? What is my plan to be more profitable? What is my plan to manage the paper war etc?

If you can answer all these questions and provide sound strategies to achieve them within a certain timeframe, congratulations! For those of you that don’t have answers to these questions, don’t beat yourself up. Simply realise that you are potentially a ship without a rudder, simply getting by day to day and reacting to the environment around you.

This can change – take charge of your business through business planning and in doing so you take charge of your life!

Business Owners don’t Plan To Fail, They Fail to Plan

Schedule time for business planning. I know you’ve heard this all before and that’s because it’s true! It works!

All you need is a Vision of where you want to go and a great Plan to get you there.

Very simply your business planning process should articulate “Where you want to go” – “Where you are now” and “How to get from here to there.”

When you’re done, your business plan will confirm your market opportunity and give you a roadmap to follow.
To achieve maximum success in your business, create a business plan when you start your company, and annually create a strategic plan to grow your company.

The business planning process will force you to focus on accomplishing the right things in your business. We can all be busy in business but are we busy working on the right strategies?

In determining great strategies for your business, consider your company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and leverage them. If you don’t take time to do this, you become entrenched and end up not seeing the wood for the trees.

You continue to do what you have always done in the past hoping to get a different outcome. The marketplace has changed and many of the strategies that have worked in the past simply don’t work now. We need to innovate and to innovate we need to be creative about how we present our products and services and to do this we need to Plan!

 When you have a high-quality strategic plan, you will dramatically increase your long- term business success. How do I know?

Since 1999, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners plan for success by developing their strategic business plans and have witnessed their businesses grow dramatically faster than they thought was possible.

How important is your strategic business planning for your future success as a Business Owner?

Business Planning is absolutely essential! Would you build a house without a Plan or go on an overseas holiday with a Plan? No, so how can you expect to grow your business without a Plan?

Billionaire entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens said: “A fool with a plan is better off than a genius without a plan!”

Thomas Edison, who said, “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning” and in every business I look at I see huge opportunity, potential untapped.

Strategic business planning is a critical ingredient to your long-term success. And we’re here to help, because we’re the business planning experts. Make your decision today. Give us a bell.