Employees really are the most important asset in any business.

From a small time coffee shop to a large banking corporation. As the ‘face’ of a business and the main point of contact for your customers; employees will leave a lasting impression whether it be excellent, not so positive or just a plain mediocre service that they experience.

Having excellent employees who live and breathe the culture of your business and its values starts long before the induction and training process. It starts from the moment you decide to recruit for a new position in your business. The recruitment process and bringing someone new into your business is a big decision in itself and one not to be rushed or hastily conducted – take your time, do the ground work and empower yourself to make an informed decision.

Now what really happens in the real world more often than not, is that when you come to the conclusion that a new employee is required, you needed them yesterday and you swing into action to get that employee embedded into your business today!

The fact of the matter is that the recruitment process really is extremely vital in finding the ideal employee with the skills, experience and passion to fit the role requirements of your position. Hastily employing someone who is readily available but in fact does not have the skill set to carry out the role requirements may fill an urgent void for the short term, but will this person excel and grow in the role in the immediate and long term future?
The recruitment process should be primarily based around the position and its role requirements. With this in mind you need to start by defining the role, develop your position description – What is the purpose of the position? What are the key responsibilities? What are the core competencies required for the role? Take the time to really define the role and what outcomes you’re looking for not whom you’re looking for. With a position description now on paper and clearly defined, you’re in a position to develop a performance management system, like the Achievement Analysis System developed by The Business Group with positive and targeted growth initiatives in mind – How will you measure and monitor if the employee is successful in the position on an ongoing and regular basis?

Now that you have the position description and a performance management document, you will know the requirements of the role inside and out and can develop an advert to begin the exciting process of finding the ideal person for your position – remember you know by now the person you’re looking for, the skills they will have, the passion, enthusiasm and work ethic you’re looking for so go out and find that one person! Don’t compromise on your vision or your values to simply fill the position, keep the position description in mind and find the one person who is a ‘hand in glove’ fit for the role.