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We have been working alongside SME’s for almost 20 years and we are humbled by the trust the many hundreds of business owners who have placed their trust and their business future in our hands. It have allowed us to develop a comprehensive suite of proven systems and techniques to help today’s business owners to tackle the future with clarity and confidence.

Our Service Offering

Business / Strategic Planning

Business Planning is your roadmap to success! The business planning process is exciting, creative and outcome driven and ensures the correct strategies are being implemented for future business growth.

Business Coaching / Mentoring

Business Coaching has become an important tool for business owners. There is increasing evidence that business coaching is one of the most powerful ways of developing people and adding to bottom line business performance.

Marketing & Graphic Design

Marketing drives new customers to your door whilst retaining existing ones!  It gives you the Power and Control to grow your business at a rate you choose!


Governance means thinking about strategic issues, rather than the operational day-to-day running of the business. Governance applies to all companies, big and small.


Bringing the right Team together to help your Business Success is a critical aspect of any business and is often not given the attention that it deserves. Do it wrong and it can cost you and your business dearly.

Money Management

Cash Flow Management is critical to business sustainability. A healthy cash flow is the life blood of a business and is often one of the most overlooked key performance indicators of business growth.

Social Media

How are you using social media in your business? Are you an effective user and is it making your business money?

Web Design / SEO

TBG website design leads the way to showcasing your business expertise to potential customers thereby building value into your business asset. It is the place customers go to help them make decisions.

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