Good business/corporate governance means thinking about strategic issues, rather than the operational day-to-day running of the business. Governance applies to all companies, big and small.

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Progressive companies are more and more choosing Business Governance and Advisory Boards to improve and share their decision-making capabilities, increase accountability, develop and reach objectives, plan and manage growth and risk, and expand their business networks.

Setting up an effective Advisory Board is a key part of the Business Governance process and with the help of the appropriate Board Members can be the difference between a privately owned company achieving its growth objectives, or not.

Yet why do relatively few business owners actually consider Business Governance and set up an Advisory Board?

We believe it is partly to do with understanding the benefits and knowing how to start. This is where we can help.

In a nutshell, an Advisory Board comprises a group of independent specialists sitting alongside owners and key senior management team members, with the former providing expertise, experience and if relevant, contacts.

The goal is to fast-track achieving core business objectives. External guidance is on hand via regular ongoing meetings with the owners and management, yet all decision making power is maintained within the organisation.


The results gained can transform businesses by providing.

  • Accountability and performance improvement throughout the business
  • Clarity of purpose and objectives and alignment of all key people and goals
  • Increased business value and growth and peace of mind for the business owners

This Business Governance approach to growing your business will also help you develop your management and leadership capabilities, enjoy the benefits of positive results, learn Best Practice principles and most importantly become confident in how to grow your business through Policy Development.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level through Business Governance, then an Advisory Board may be the perfect vehicle to support you making the changes you need.

To learn if an Advisory Board is right for you, to explain in more depth the opportunities it brings, how to work towards deciding on your Advisory Board’s objectives and how to choose the right board members, give us a call for a free 1-hour Business Governance Consultation.

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