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Marketing drives new customers to your door whilst retaining existing ones!  It gives you the Power and Control to grow your business at a rate you choose!
Marketing is the process of how you identify, communicate with and get the attention of existing and prospective customers in order to offer them a solution that satisfies their want or need. This process should be identified in your Marketing Plan and specifically and individually designed for one purpose – to drive sales into your business.

Marketing strategies provide the fuel that gets your business off the ground and when working well should be cost effective (give you a return on investment), retain existing customers and drive new customers to your business.

  • Internal Marketing Strategies
    Internal Marketing Strategies are generally quicker to implement, cost effective and easier measured. This is where we plan to align the core values and expectations of your business with those of your employees to ensure a more efficient service and a better customer service experience everytime. This helps to create “Raving Fans” that will keep returning to your business and will tell others of their great experience. Your internal marketing plan informs and empowers all employees and adopts a collaborative approach to interface with your customers.

    External Marketing Strategies

    External Marketing Strategies generally requires good research, effective planning and efficent implementation to ensure you receive a return on money invested. Identifying the correct method of communication is key to the success of external marketing and is an exciting and financially rewarding experience when you get it right!

The TBG Marketing Plan process drives business to increased sales, build more profit and improve cash flow. Our creative team work with you to identify and tap into the customers that will maximise your bottom-line results.

The Plan process is fun and exciting. It consists of identifying your ideal target market, developing ways to reach them with your message and getting them to respond to you in a way that generates sales.

In addition to coaching you, TBG also provides individual services to make it easy for busy Business owners to achieve their marketing goals by providing:

  • Newsletters that really get read!
  • Logo and Graphic design solutions!
  • Leading Edge Web Design!
  • Web Optimisation
  • Brochures that stand out
  • Email campaigns that get results!
  • Marketing Coaching that works!

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